• I lost 15lbs this January :)

    • Wow! Congrats on that. I’ve been able to get my weight under control and keep it that way for a while in the past. But, then we had our second child and I let it go again. I think I’ll be successful this time too, but I think it’s going to be a bit harder.

      BTW, no problem on adding you to the list. Doing the list is fun in a lot of ways. I get introduced to a lot of different people and their blogs.

  • I’m making everything public

    Dude, I’ll say: put some pants on that avatar while I disperse the crowd.

    (Is JOKE! As an envious Apple-using Blackberry owner, I’d say you’ve chosen exactly the right incentive. The pounds don’t stand a chance.)

  • Brooke: I didn’t even look at that white on white combo … Geez. Lol!