Game Theorist Interpretation of Genesis 2

I’ve been reading The Art of Strategy by Dixit and Nalebuff mainly because I have a side interest in Game Theory.  I just think it’s fascinating, especially some of the examples from the field of study.  Anyway, I’m reading along and then they discuss in a very short manner Genesis 2.  The context  is a discussion of the concept of threat making.  Their understanding of Genesis 2 is very oversimplified, but it’s interesting to see how people in the popular arena deal with passages from the Bible.  Their overall conclusion is (obviously applied to Game Theory) that in Genesis 2 God fails to make a credible threat.  The threat would have been “too costly” for him to follow through on (nevermind the fact that this is a story).

If you want to check out what they say, you can read the section in question for free over at Google Books.  It’s on pages 201 & 202.


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