Roman Catholic Understanding of Faith (QOD)

Here is a quote of the day from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  It is in response to the question of  how Roman Catholics define faith, which I get from time to time:

Faith is a personal act – the free response of the human person to the initiative of God who reveals himself. But faith is not an isolated act. No one can believe alone, just as no one can live alone. You have not given yourself faith as you have not given yourself life. The believer has received faith from others and should hand it on to others. Our love for Jesus and for our neighbor impels us to speak to others about our faith. Each believer is thus a link in the great chain of believers. I cannot believe without being carried by the faith of others, and by my faith I help support others in the faith.


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  • I completely agree.

    • It obviously gets more complex than that when you factor in the sacramental aspect, but this is the RCC’s conception of faith at the most basic level.

  • I wouldn’t say complex. I would say that sacraments (here, I mean the standard Communion, Baptism) are an extension.

    • Yes, maybe “complex” isn’t the best word. Perhaps that definition is “enriched” with the sacramental aspect.

  • That looks to me like an excellent paragraph on faith. This is something I can definitely agree with Roman Catholics on.

    • Well Mitchell, I suppose maybe I’m not a reprobate then after all 😉 … I mean look, I’ve even got Joel on my side.

  • Yeah…but is that something you really want?

    • Well … you are the world’s #1 BiblioBlogger aren’t you?

  • Only in number….

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