Kindle Publishing for Blogs – Has Anyone Tried This?

I was looking at books for my Kindle today and saw the link for Kindle Publishing for Blogs.  I personally could not think of ANY reason why I would want to read a blog on my Kindle or publish my blog for the Kindle.  Of course, I can always read on my iPhone, so maybe that is one reason I cannot see the point.  But, even if that was not possible, the blogs I read often include audio, video, etc., which I imagine would not function well with the Kindle black and white screen.  Has anyone else tried this?  Is there a good reason to subscribe to a blog on the Kindle?


  • I only read one blog that offers Kindle subscriptions, Unreasonable Faith.

    I don’t own a Kindle, nor do I ever plan to. If I ever own any type of mobile device, I’ll want something that’s all-in-one and includes an e-Reader, not a stand-alone reader.

    • Yeah. I love my Kindle for now (cheaper books and I like the mobility), but I can easily see it going obsolete unless there are future changes. I talked to a guy at an Apple Store the other day about the iPad. He didn’t seem to think it would put the eBook readers out yet because they have the advantage of much, much longer battery life due to the use of “electronic ink.” But, as tools like the iPad develop, Kindle and others had better have something pretty fantastic up their sleeves.

  • You talked me into it….I just published my to Kindle.

    Now, if only I can get a Kindle…