Drew Brees – The Religious Faith of the SuperBowl MVP

The sight of Drew Brees with his son after the SuperBowl moved even the most hardened among us.  I thought that this video gives a little more insight into who he is.  I can’t say that I agree with him about a number of things here (e.g. I genuinely don’t believe that anybody can do anything they want to with God and hard work; there are just some things that some people can’t do), but it is very difficult to say anything bad about him considering much of the work that he does in the Gulf Coast region.  It is the case that oftentimes the media and people in general blow smoke about the charity work of athletes or celebrities.  Yet I think Brees is an example of someone in the spotlight who genuinely is a good person.

At any rate, I thought this might interest a few people…

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