Dissertation Progress and …

a few other family matters have filled my time this week.  I just finished up edits of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.  Now, I’ll be writing the intro and conclusion while those are under review probably for a bit more editing.

We had a “snow day” Friday, which for us means everything shuts down because when ice falls from the sky we don’t know how to drive.  Also, we never know when our transformers (not the more than meets the eye kind) might blow and our power out.  On the great “snow day” of ’08 our power went out for quite a while.

We had a death in the family.  My wife’s grandfather, Grandpaw Jack, passed away on Thursday.  Though dealing with the death of a family member is never easy, this was not unexpected.  His funeral services were a testimony to a life well lived.  He and my wife’s grandmother were married for 58 years.  What a testimony in a day and time when that is becoming more and more rare!  If you are a praying person, please rememer JoAnn Burchfield, my wife’s grandmother as well as the rest of the family.

Finally, in South Louisiana we have a little something called Mardi Gras.  Growing up in the city of New Orleans and just outside, I think I had my fill of Mardi Gras growing up.  But, we do get a couple of days off, which is nice.  That, however, does mean that my kids are out of school and daycare.

So, I’ll probably catch back up with you all on Wednesday.  I’ll provide updated rankings and pick up with my regular blogging then.  Maybe I’ll squeeze in one or two posts before then …


  • Sorry to hear about the death in the family, Jeremy. I hope that Mardi Gras doesn’t get you too under the weather.

  • good luck on the dissertation work. What is your topic? I’m a newcomer here.

    • Justin: I’m working on Biblical Hebrew pedagogy, specifically vocabulary learning

      Joel: Thanks for the condolences. I do not partake in Mardi Gras beyond the days off.