The Old Testament and New Testament Separate?

The Old Testament and New Testament are separate in the New Revised Standard Versions currently being produced for the Kindle.  Not sure what the publishers were thinking or if they have ever handled a Kindle for that matter, but this is very annoying.  Essentially, there are two separate books with two separate tables of contents.  This would be fine for a bound volume, but not so much for a Kindle because of the need to “back out” of one book before navigating to another.  I mean really … did they check out any other Bibles that have been published for Kindle before going this route.  The NRSV is a translation of Christian scriptures anyway … I wonder how many people actually buy the Old Testament without buying the New Testament.  Okay perhaps some buy the New Testament without buying the Old Testament, but they are Marcionists …

Oh well…

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