Your Mid-February BiblioBlog Top 50

Well, I’ve been a bit behind this month, but that’s alright … at least by me.  Anyway, I thought I’d make my first post back after a bit of a holiday (that is Mardi Gras holiday to all northerners) a ranking post to let everyone know where they stand.  And, for most all of you that is below me, except you Joel.  But, I will catch you one day.

To all who have requested being added to the list, I’ll get to you before the monthly rankings.  The monthly ranking is indeed the only thing that really counts.  The rest of the ranking posts are more of updates.

Without further ado ….

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  • I reckon I have to post more controversial stuff for the rest of the month!

    Thanks, Jeremy.

    Oh, and you’ll never catch me.

    • More controversial? I guess all of the other stuff you post is just you being you? 😉

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  • Oh hahaha.

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  • Just wondering–is there some sort of time limit on how long we have to keep blogging in order to get on the list? I’ve been blogging for a couple months now, and I’d be number 21 right now if I was on the list. Can I nominate myself as a candidate for it, or shall I wait a bit longer?

    PS: If it makes any difference, I’m on that tiny decide-who-is-and-who-is-not genuinely-biblioblogging committee.

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