Advice on Webinars?

Has anyone in the realm of BiblioBlogdom or beyond ever done a webinar type format?  I’ve never done it before, but may be trying it out soon.  I was thinking about using something like U-stream, but also providing my Twitter, text message, or e-mail info, so that participants can interact during a talk I am giving.  I don’t really want to use a service that I would have to pay for.  Does anyone have any advice?



  • You are alone on this one, however, when you have one, I want to participate. I already have questions lined up.

  • Our organization puts them on all the time. We use a service called GoToWebinar from Citrix, but it’s not free.

    I would think UStream would work fine, taking questions via Twitter.

    • BR,
      Thanks for the comment. Have you ever used UStream?

  • No, never to broadcast. Only to watch someone else’s broadcast. It seems pretty simple, though.