"Bible Alone" – I Ain't No Ox Moron

Doug Chaplin has written a post asking whether “Bible Alone” is an oxymoron.  For my title, I couldn’t resist.  It is one of my favorite lines from the movie Renaissance Man when he is trying to teach his students about oxymoron.  Check it out:

Anyway, I agree with Doug.  I know … surprise, surprise (I am Catholic after all).  I think that “Bible Alone” is a bit of an oxymoron; however, I do think that some Protestants do feel the weight of this and try to deal with it.  And, I also do not think that a Catholic or Orthodox or Anglican theology saves one from the circular reasoning that seems apparent (at least to me in the concept of Bible alone).  For more on that you can see HERE an example of what I mean on the related issue of the canon.  Anyway, click on over to Doug’s post and let him know what you think.