No, I don’t think I’m going to start a new Old Testament Video site.  I already put some on here anyway. But, I do think I’m going to start putting more of my own videos on here.  Why?  Well, frankly because I have an awesome personality.  And, I’m …. well I’m not sure how to be modest about this … I’m beautiful.  If course, all of you who met me at SBL already know this.  I’m not sure if that comes across completely in my writing; in fact, there really would be no way for me to communicate my beauty to you in my writing.  For instance, check out this video of me in my office (I know it it may be difficult to believe, but this is completely unscripted):

Okay, so this was kind of a joke.  But, I’m seriously not joking about doing more of my own videos.  I only hope I don’t end up as a Scotteriology video ridicule post.

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  • I’d be bored too in an office with so little decoration! (or windows?) 😛

    • No, that’s just what’s behind me. Dependent on your opinion the rest of my office is either highly decorated or junked up with books and papers. I prefer decorated. I also have a window. The view’s not great, but I get a bit of natural light.

      But, at least you didn’t deny that I myself am beautiful. I’ll take that as an admission. I won’t tell anyone you said that.

  • LOL Sure, you’ve probably already submitted my “admission” to the BS (“Biblical Studies”) Carnival!

  • Your rhetorical skill displayed in this video is both intimidating and skilled. I am now too afraid to ridicule you in a post just in case you turn that high-powered microscope and oratory back upon me.

    • Scott,
      There was a lot more too it than that too, stuff about “brand new blooms in the desert.” But, I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone at first.

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