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  • ok that’s one lame mug. it doesn’t even have a complete handle. how the devil are you supposed to hold it if it’s got hot tea or coffee inside it?


    • Nah. This coffee mug isn’t lame it’s awesome. And, above all its message is Truth, which is way more important than the prospect of burning your hand. But, I guess you’re not willing to suffer for the sake of the Truth.

      Beyond that, I might sell you one with a handle, but it’d cost you extra.

  • oh well that changes everything. if it comes with an optional handle…

  • Anyone else care that I read this? I mean, come on!

  • I don’t know Joel. You might want to check and see if Lost or some other lame television show is on. If there’s one thing BiblioBloggers care about more than anything, even your feelings, it’s Lost. Maybe they’ll get around to protecting your emotional well-being later.

  • You know, Jeremy, you can take swipes at me, but now you are taking them at James McGrath? For shame.

  • […] is welcome to take me on, and drag my precious name through the mugd, but then he goes on to take swipes at real bibliobloggers, such as James McGrath, for his focus on […]

  • Are we sure it is really Jeremy and not the smoke monster?

    • What smoke monster?

  • Yes, for this reason.

    I hate saying this, but if we take Jim West and understand him as Jacob we can then draw a parallel to Jeremy and the Snake Monster.

    Jacob/Jim was at the top of his game and virtually in charge. He had picked candidates, as it were, for the caretaker of the island/SBL blogger’s group. Then Jacob/Jim was killed off.

    What happens then? The number 2 spot is vacated and in steps what? A Substitute. Therefore, Jeremy is indeed the smoke monster. Plus, he has a lot of hot air.

    In the famous words of Pat Robertson, true story.

  • that’s why i love you guys. you make me chuckle.

    • I’d laugh at Joel a lot more too, if I could ever figure out what he was trying to say.

  • bIjatlh ‘e’ yImev

    • I know how to use Google, Joel! And, that’s not very nice 😉

  • klingon? really? it’s not even a real language (like rod isn’t a real biblioblogger. nor for that matter is loftus. but i digress).


    • My aren’t you cheery today, Jim. You should have your own morning show.

  • that would be awesome!

  • I’m not sure what Loftus really is…

    And Jim on a morning show? Can you imagine him on a Monday? Not sure anyone would go to work.

    And yes, Klingon is a real religion and Jedi Knights are a real religion.

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