A Prophetic Word from My Mind's Eye

Being a bit jealous of Scott Bailey’s heavy prophetic mantle I have decided to try on one of my own.  So, here goes with my prophecy: If Scott keeps up this Christianity’s March Madness Insanity thing, we will all see a rankings juggernaut this month.  You really have to go over check it out if you haven’t already.  The posts so far are HERE, HERE, and HERE.  He’s got “Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey” slated in at number one, but my money is on “Cancer Pastor” all the way.  At any rate, it is the funniest/most disturbing ongoing series within the BiblioBlogosphere (IMHO).  JW’s “Total Depravity” posts have nothing on this … Sorry, Jim.


  • Um, when does JW’s post – the bad JW – ever have anything on any post?

    Just saying…

  • joel is channeling loftus and avalos now.

  • Lol. Good stuff, Jeremy

    I’m surprised Joel’s comment didn’t read:

    Um, when does JW’s post…

    Click to read more.

  • yeah- once you’ve stepped out of the room the people who helped you get there are usually the first topic of denunciation.

    if ya know what i mean…

  • Oh I know what you mean, but I was more referring to Joel’s cheap grab at more hits. At least the last number one didn’t have to resort to such tactics!

    Stop the tyranny!

  • If was channeling Loftus, I have had a breakdown already. Avalos? Only slightly better than Loftus because he seems to be able to act like a mature adult.

    And Jim, when do we denounce you? We are still hoping for your own pariousa.

  • oh i know you know what i know you know what i mean.

    perhaps joel hasn’t read paul’s remark to the corinthians- a remark that should be taken to heart by all bibliobloggers and theobloggers-

    αλλα απειπαμεθα τα κρυπτα της αισχυνης μη περιπατουντες εν πανουργια μηδε δολουντες τον λογον του θεου αλλα τη φανερωσει της αληθειας συνιστανοντες εαυτους προς πασαν συνειδησιν ανθρωπων ενωπιον του θεου

    (that’s 2 cor 4:2 in case they need to look it up)

  • Man Joel, you’re really taking a beating on here. All I was hoping was to display my mad skillz of prophetic foresight. But, I do agree. Your tyranny should end and I should be #1. In fact, in the hearts and minds of most, I probably already am #1.

    Jim, Greek is not welcome on this blog. Click to read more … http://www.freeoldtestamentaudio.com/Blog/New.php/?p=644

    JK. You can write in Greek if you want. Just wanted to see if that trick really works. Can people really resist clicking over? …

  • now i feel strangely dirty for visiting so often today.

  • Sorry, that’s my bad. I intentionally write my content to be like crack. You’ve probably just got that “just came off a crack binge” feeling.

  • Yeah…the last number one never resorted to any cheap tricks. They were pretty expensive.

    Jeremy, you can my number one spot when you pry it from my cold, dead keyboard tapping hands. Or I shut everything down, again, with a vow, again, never to return, again.

    And you are dirty, Jeremy, because you so close to New Orleans.

  • i cant tell who joel is channeling now. i’m guessing – though – that it’s someone dead.

  • or crazy

  • Todd Bentley