Made My Blog Page My Home Page

I’ve made my first major change to my website in a while.  I’ve made my blog page my home page and turned my homepage into an about page.  Doubt that it makes much of a difference to most, but the URL now redirects to my blog’s URL –  I’ll see how that works out, but I thought it might work out better for the search engines.  If not, I can remove the redirect pretty easily and put things back to normal.  Anyway, if the structure of the site looks different to you, that’s why.

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  • Got a question for you – why don’t you just turn your blog into a regular wordpress blog? Is it something with your server?

    By that, I mean instead of the .com/blog/new.php/?p=1576… you would have .com/blog/joel-watts-is-the-king-of-all-bibliobloggers

  • Speaking of changes, I’d appreciate a “subscribe to comments” option, whether it be via email or RSS.

  • Joel: That may be a summer project. I initially started this site with little intention of having a blog. Now, I can go weeks almost exclusively putting stuff on the blog and not fooling with the rest of the site. Anyway, I use WP as a plugin through my html editor – RapidWeaver. I’d like to move completely to WP, but it would require setting up a lot of redirects. In terms of the extensions on the blog URLs, I’ve tried changing that, but then it deletes all of my posts for some reason. Need some time to figure that out.

    BR: There is a subscribe box, but sometimes it gets pushed way down to the bottom of the page (even with the end of the sidebar materials). I’m sure there is something I could tweak in the CSS, but I’m not sure what that would be.

  • Jeremy, I have a few ideas on how to make it an easy transition. Let me know if I can help

    • Any ideas that you have would be welcome, though if it would take a bit to explain them, you might want to send them by email.