• So I have noticed. And I am not happy.

    • I know. It’s like I’m cheating on the internet.

  • dude- i alexa outrank you! see what you get for being lazy? how you gonna explain that to the grand kids one day?

    • I know. I’ve been chillaxing with my dissertation and my real job. Ah, just like living in a tropical island paradise.

      Btw, I don’t really expect to have to explain anything to my grandchildren. My daughters or both going to be nuns. Or, else I may have to kill any young man that approaches my front doorstep.

  • famous last words my friend.

  • I intend on killing the first suitor as he sits at my table.

    Seriously, you have to get back to blogging – or else One Worse Than West will beat you.

    • One worse than West? Unfathomable.

  • It is indeed a lofty thought.

  • nothing says ‘lofty’ like lucifer, who desired to ascend the heights to toss god down.