Now that the BiblioBlog Rankings …

suck and should die, I suppose I should say a few words.  I don’t think that’s the case.  In fact, I think that what the BiblioBlog rankings really need is more cowbell:

I will try to add a cowbell track to the next set of rankings that I post.

Now, that’s funny no matter who you are!  Okay.  Now that I hope you’ve had a good laugh, you can go back to your debating.


  • Greatest SNL sketch ever. Thanks for all the work that you do on this.

  • I got a feva’ and you got our medicine Jeremy!

    When might you head this way?


  • if you want to do the list you should do the list. if you ever stop doing something (or start doing something) just because of someone else’s opinion, you’ve ceased to be a person and become a tool. you dont want to be a tool do you jer?

    if folk like what you do- well and good. if not- so what?

  • Sorry, folks if you didn’t get to see the video before. I thought I posted it correctly but it was messed up.

    Mike: Now there’s a debate I could be involved in. But, my favorite is here –

    D: I hope to visit in December granted if the testing goes well and I can finish an introduction and conclusion.

    Jim: Is that a trick question?

  • I say you should (or shouldn’t) keep listing bloggers because of what Jim says. what’s the cowbell emoticon? Oh well: :)

    • J. K.,
      Oddly enough you can Google stuff like that and actually get a result:
      [plus sign][forward slash][apostrophe][backslash]

      Anyway, I’ll give it a try +/’

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  • Go with whatever that Jim guy says. I mean seriously…….

  • Well that didn’t work

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  • Jeremy, it did kind of look like a cowbell if you knew it was supposed to be a cowbell . . .


  • Bitsy: True, but I was going for the real deal.

    Jim: Btw, I have taken over the rankings because I enjoy doing them. At the very least they give me a very prominent place to give Joel a friendly reminder of just how lame he is.

  • You know, simply because I don’t comment, doesn’t mean I don’t read it. Or Google my name endlessly to see what others are same.

    Sticks and stones, Jeremy, rubber and glue.

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