The Stellenbosch Trio of bloggers and more …

So, I’ve added a Blogroll.  It’s not extensive, but these are the blogs I click through to the most.  Some blogs I once read a lot more than I do now, and I’m reading others a bit more than I once did.  With that said, the list will stay in flux.  Many of these folks (though by no means all) are first and foremost fun, even when they write about things that are serious and even though it may be off color from time to time.  In addition, they do not constantly stay embroiled in controversy (except maybe Jim and Joel, but they’re listed for a different reason), which would lead to a lack of fun-ness.  Otherwise they write about things that are generally of interest to me.

Beyond this, the highest level of importance should be attached to what I have now dubbed the Stellenbosch Trio of bloggers.  It seems highly unlikely that one university, whether Ivy League or otherwise, should boast three blogs of such outstanding, dare I say impeccable, quality.  But, Stellenbosch has done thusly …



  • well i happen to know that there isnt a single person who hates me. the only beings that hate me are demons. and the devil.

    • It’s jealousy, Jim, pure unbridled jealousy … Just like everyone is going to hate me when I finally take over the number one spot.

  • Jeremy, you can have the number one spot when you get it from me like I got it from Jim.

    Oh, and you have to do more to beat Loftus.

  • heck that’s not hard. im not even a ‘biblioblogger’ and i’m kicking the snot out of phelps’ cousin.

    all jer needs to do to surpass him is post interesting stuff.


    indeed, that’s all anyone needs to do. but as long as they only talk about things 3 other people on the planet care about, they never will.

    but i suppose making the bible relevant and theology intersect with all aspects of life is easier for some of us than others.

    • Pardon me, Jim, but we don’t “make the Bible relevant.” It just is relevant. Heretic… Just kidding, I was trying to put on my best fundamentalist face. I’m trying to post interesting stuff, I mean I had a talking monkey on the blog today. I’m not sure what more people could want. He was my cousin btw, with whom I fling poo at the zoo.

  • Wait, that was a monkey? I thought that was, oh never mind, I think Jim reads this blog too.


    • Oooooooooohhhhhhh! …. SNAP!

  • Thanks for the link love. There are two more but they don’t often blog on bible stuff.

    • No big deal, D. Just wanted everyone to recognize. Thanks for posting those links. I’ll add them to my reader in case they start posting more Biblical Studies stuff.