BiblioBlogger Theme Songs – Me

Well, before anybody tries to tag me with a theme song (which technically you can’t because I run stuff), I should claim my own.  You may ask why I get a cool rock song for my theme song … well, because I’m awesome.  And, it’s got my name in it and everybody use to sing it to me in high school 😉

And, yes it is the radio edit:


  • Vedder is weird in this video. I guess he’s always been weird.

    • Yeah. I considered using the UnPlugged version, but I think he’s even a little scary in that one.

  • Good choice, I was really into grunge/alt in high school back in the 90s. :)

    My theme music would be Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with butterfly wings.

    • Q: That’s a good song, but I’m sorry. That’s not going to your theme song. I already have one picked out for you. I’ll post it within the next day or so. Sorry to keep you in suspense.

    • Okay, Q here’s yours If you don’t like it, you can write up a formal complaint.

  • […] has handed out several theme songs to bibliobloggers, including being so vain to give himself one. He has, of course, decided to pick on me as well… I never listen to anything but sectarian […]