BiblioBlogger Theme Songs – Rodney Thomas

Well, Rodney wanted P.O.D. “Revolution” for his theme song.  But, as you may see a trend developing, you don’t get to choose your own theme song.  Rod’s URL is “Political Jesus.”  “Revolution” would have been okay, but what Jesus could possibly be more political than President Jesus.  That’s right … Rod’s theme song is “Jesus for President.” Enjoy (if you can enjoy the thought of Jesus as President)!


  • I must say that this is the perfect theme song. I love it.

  • […] April 9, 2010 · Leave a Comment Jeremy has graciously bestowed me the honor of having the best theme song for a biblioblogger, and the most fitting: Jesus for President by Deitrich Haddon. […]

  • nah- here’s rod’s

  • JW must be somewhat jealous.

  • no way. my theme song is way cooler. and what have you got against the platters anyway?

    • Sorry Jim, but my decisions are immutable.

  • JW,

    I have nothing against the platters, but I do find the song problematic, especially in light of your past comments concerning my work.

    But I digress.

  • gosh jer i didn’t know you were choosing theme songs ex cathedra.
    rod- you know i love ya. and the platters too. it’s a classic!

    • Jim, I don’t understand you when you speak Latin. 😉

  • JW,

    Right back atcha!