BiblioBlogger Theme Songs – Targuman

Targuman deserves a very special theme song because he is the only BiblioBlogger (at least that I know of) who is a superhero.  His superhero moniker “Targuman” I think refers to his unique ability to protect BiblioBloggers from the nefarious plans of those who would seek to do them harm using only “tar” and “gum.”  Otherwise I would have no idea how to make sense of the word “targum” ;-).  But, you know it must be lonely being the only superhero who is also a BiblioBlogger.  That’s why Targuman gets contemplative superhero music for his theme song, i.e. Five For Fighting’s “Superman.”  Be sure to think about Targuman’s feelings the next time he saves you from certain disaster.  It can’t be easy to be him.