Darrel Falk on Bruce Waltke's Resignation

I agree with Darrel Falk here (of course I accept an evolutionary understanding of the origins of human beings, so I guess I would agree).  Kudos to Bruce Waltke for being open and honest.  I particularly like the final assessment (though I’m no longer an evangelical, I was one), also cited in the Inside Higher Ed piece about Waltke’s resignation:

Decades from now, when the Evangelical Church has come to terms with the reality of evolution, we hope she will look back at those who were the pioneers on its journey toward a fuller understanding of the manner by which God has created. I could list other pioneers, a number of whom are good friends and colleagues. Right there alongside them will be Dr. Bruce Waltke who, in the latter phase of an extremely distinguished career, had the courage to tell the Church what it needed to hear. The fact that he did so with a remarkably gentle spirit of love will be a reminder to all that the real battles are won when we simply live the reality of the Gospel. To do this—in the face of adversity—is the ultimate in courage.

How many of us compromise in this type of situation and try to squeeze our beliefs into a confessional statement rationalizing the whole time: “I believe what that statement says, I just use different words.”


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