Monkeys Speak out on the Resignation of Bruce Waltke

A lot of people have spoken out on the resignation of Dr. Bruce Waltke (check out John Hobbins’ round-up).  You can see that I have written in support of him.  But, what no one has really been asking is what do monkeys think.  If the theory of evolution is correct, then they are in fact our distant cousins.  So, I asked them:

Okay so maybe this is a poor attempt at satire.  Enough human beings have called the stance of RTS fundamentalist.  I just thought it would be funny if a monkey did too.

* I was hosting this video on YouTube, but I thought it best to move it to my own server, so that I can define what I mean by religious fundamentalism. By this I am not referring to the denial of evolution, but to the insistence that if one accepts evolutionary theory that he or she cannot teach at particular institutions or worse yet questioning the religious faith of that person.

* This video was created using Career Builder’s Monk-e-mail – . They in no way approve of the contents of this message.