"T. J. McWeb, D. E."

“T. J. McWeb, D. E.” – that’s the mnemonic devised by Rod Evans for remembering the names of apocryphal books in his new book Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.  If you have an interest in mnemonics this is a pretty neat book.  There are a few others for Biblical material, though not enough to really make the book useful unless you really just enjoy mnemonics.  Anyway, here’s how they coincide with the mnemonic:



1 Macabees

2 Macabees

Wisdom of Solomon



Additions to Daniel

Additions to Esther


  • Sure, but what about the Orthodox? Or the Copts? Are the Armenians? tisk tisk tisk

    • Well, I suppose they can make up their own mnemonic.

  • No. I want one now.

    And what if we only accept Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch and 1st Mac?

    WiSa Mac 1, B?

    • Hmm… I guess you’ll have to write the author of the book.