So, my buddy won an award at the Tribeca Film Festival …

He won an award last year in the short film category for his film called “Home.”  Matt and I have been friends for a long time, since the 8th grade actually.  We were roommates in college for a while  (in fact I’m going to be having lunch with him today in a bit).  He’s put the a trailer for the film up HERE and has copies of it on sale on DVD.  Probably the most accurate description that I’ve seen is the one from New York Magazine – “one of the most emotionally devastating films you’ll see.”

Matt’s home wasn’t just his “Home,” it was a home away from home for many of us.  I can remember there our late night video game marathons (mostly Mario Kart and Golden Eye) and our “band practices” (we were going to play a cover of “Bulls on Parade” in a talent show that never happened with me as the vocals – hard to believe I know, Matt on Guitar, and our  buddy Erick* -our college roommate as well – on bass).  In a recent drive through my home town, I found that the home I grew up in experienced the same fate as Matt’s.  So this is a film that’s extraordinarily meaningful to me as I know it has been for anyone who longs for home.  I hope you’ll click over and check it out.  If nothing else, it is simply an amazing work of art.

* By the way, Erick is also quite the artist (he’s in the picture at the bottom getting an award for graphic design).  I was surrounded by superb artists in my college apartment, but they were quite modest about it.