Do you have Hebrew students I can test?

Hey everybody, I’m trying to squeeze in one more “experiment” for my dissertation here at the end of the semester or over a summer session if anyone will be teaching one.  I’m copying below a message I just sent out to the list of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew.  If you would possibly like to help out with this testing, please contact by email.

Dear NAPH members,

If you have first or second semester Hebrew students and would be interested in offering them an extra credit project here at the end of the semester or over a summer session, please contact me.  I am doing one final “experiment” for dissertation work on Biblical Hebrew vocabulary learning.

This testing would be done over the course of one week and could either be done within or outside of regular class time.  The testing would consist of two sessions one week apart in which students would be split into two different groups.  The first session of testing would require about 45 minutes and the second session would be one week later and require considerably less time (probably about 10-15 minutes).

I am looking to test no less than 24-30 students, but these students need not come all from one university.  So, even if you have a smaller group, these students could be combined with students from other universities to make up the number.

Thanks for your time in reading this message.  For more details, you can contact me by replying to this message off list or at

All the best,
Jeremy Thompson
University of Stellenbosch