The Misogynist BiblioBlog Rankings for April 2010 … (More Cowbell Edition)

By: Gerador Zero

*Update – Sabio Lantz should have been included on this list, but was not. He would have ranked in at #42 with an Alexa of 826739. So, everyone else bump yourself down a notch. My apologies to Sabio for the error.

If you don’t get the title for this post, check out the comments HERE and then this post HERE.

And, the winner is a newcomer ;-), but first a quote from Joel (misspellings and all – I think he means “therefore”).  Here’s something Joel said in the comments section last month: “Thanks for the work, oh, and could you add Jim’s blog? I would like real competition. I’ve tried to buy him off, pray for him, but nothing works to get him to come back. Now, as Number One, I am employing a little known rule which allows the Number One to place someone on the list. There for, in accordance with ancient custom and tradition, for all the Sons of Abraham, I am place Jim West on the list.” …

*Jim West*

And, congrats to everyone else who made the Top 50 this month.  There was one newcomer in Fundementally Changed, but still no individual women bloggers.  I’m not real sure how to handle that situation without it seeming patronizing, but maybe J. K. will post a list once again this month.  But, I promise I really do love women and want to see them happy and successful and here’s why:

My Girls

And, now without further ado … the list:

[gdocs id=0Adgt7XCfqTGCZGN6cGRzaGhfMTZmdzZmY2tjag type='document']


  • Finally, some real competition – of course, I blame my fall this month on Google which seemed to unlist me from the search engine because of a server error on my GoDaddy server. I’m not complaining or making excuses. Nope, not me.

    Great work, Jeremy.

    Actually, ‘there for’ is ancient method of magical incantations. It obviously worked

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  • oh nice! i kicked some …

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  • I am one of the contributors over at Fundamentally Changed. It is awesome to break into the rankings. If I remember correctly, we have been attempting to get some female contributors. We’ll keep trying.

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  • Ran some stats on alexa vs. actual page views, google reader subscribers, etc. I thought you might find that interesting. Also, someone from alexa commented and shed some light on what alexa is designed to do. I thought you might find that interesting –

  • Tell the ladies to install the Alexa tool bar – their ratings will drop like a stone. (But don’t ask me why) Apparently I get hit with searches for ‘Sarah Palin’ + ‘concordance’. My ‘Matthew’ blog is actually focused on the five scrolls. That must be it – Palin and Esther… Do come over and read the Dr Seuss version of Qohelet (well maybe I will have a bit of banter in the translation).

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  • The alexa rankings are based on the traffic of those who have the toolbar installed. There are millions of people with this toolbar that these ranks are based off of, so just you installing it shouldn’t move your rank substantially. That is also because alexa ranks based on unique visitors and not total page views. So installing the alexa toolbar shouldn’t really mess with your rank all that much since it would only put a very tiny dent in your ranking when tossed in with millions of toolbar users who are helping to generate this rankings by their web traffic patterns.

  • I always find it quite interesting to see what some people make of women not being high on this list. I made quite a focused effort to drop down on the list – I consider that I was “successful”.

    Just because women are not on this list does not mean that they are not “successful” or “analytic” enough (an earlier theory). It simply means that women are choosing to be elsewhere doing something else.

  • i’m with you sue, i don’t think anything of women not being in the top 500 at all. and i think it grand that you made a focused effort not to say anything anyone wanted to read. that’s what blogging is all about. cuz after all, it’s like a diary with a big old lock on it that’s hidden under your socks that you don’t want your little brother to find because it contains your very special-est secret thoughts…

    (of course that doesn’t make any sense- any more than a basketball team that wants to lose or an academic who wants to be utterly irrelevant. because if you really wanted to be completely irrelevant, no one would ever hear of you and you wouldn’t even comment on blogs much less write one. no, you’d be invisible. your claim that you wish to be is put to the lie by the fact that you aren’t).

  • Hi, I haven’t noted Dan Wallace on the list before so that is nice to see, but I was a bit disappointed when I clicked on “Contra mundane” because Dan has only posted twice this year on what is really a theology blog (“Parchment and Pen”/Michael Patton).

  • G’day Jim. I am glad to see that you are in such a good mood. Such a sweetie, aren’t you?

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