New Dead Sea Scrolls Audio Course by Gary Rendsburg

Or at least it is new to me, as I’ve only recently seen it. I keep pretty up to date on their catalogue.  The Teaching Company has released an audio course on the Dead Sea Scrolls by Gary Rendsburg.  It’s currently on sale for $35 dollars for audio download (click “special sale” in the top left and then “religion”).

I’ve not listened to the course yet as I’m currently listening to the Old Testament and New Testament set by Amy Jill Levine and Bart Ehrman respectively.  But, I liked Rendsburg’s Teaching Company course on Genesis.

If you are into the Dead Sea Scrolls or want to learn more about them, I’ve also often recommended the course by Lawrence Schiffman in the Modern Scholar series available from Audible.


  • Thanks for the heads-up. I already have Schiffman’s lecture series in my smartphone, but I won’t be listening to it until I finish Thomas F. Madden’s great lectures first! :D~~~

  • For some reason I’ve had a hard time getting into Madden. I have his course on the papacy in the Modern Scholar series.