• Hmmmm….I don’t think that I would go into the barber shop business :-)

  • i’m with jason on this one. one should never cut one’s own hair or make one’s own clothes.

  • I think you shaved the wrong thing.

    • Don’t give me a hard time just because you guys are not cool enough to pull off a look like this 😉

  • Jeremy, no one is cool enough to pull off a look like that.

  • yeah im afraid the rick warren look doesn’t suit you

  • haha – Jim just called you Rick Warren.

  • Nah. If I was like Rick Warren, I would have called this my ‘purpose driven hair cut.’ I’m awesome. You guys are lame because you can’t contain my awesome, not even with all your naysaying.

  • Purpose Driven Haircut?
    Oh my! You must have been drinking heavily from one, or all of those bottles in your window. ;-D

  • Very cute girl in the background.

  • they’ll appreciate my dumping on dora when they’re older, trust me…

  • Just keep telling yourself that, Jim, if that makes you feel better. I just hope they’re not scarred for life. 😉