Total Depravity – Child Hating BiblioBlogger

That’s right folks.  Apparently we have a BiblioBlogger who hates children, or at least my children.  He’s now dragging Dora the Explorer, who my daughters thoroughly enjoy, through the mud.  The accusations are groundless as her show makes no comment as to her status as a US citizen.

Jim West has mentally scarred my daughters once before, but I consider this a new low …  I just wonder whether there is any depth below which his depravity will not sink ….  I doubt it since he is, in fact, the antichrist.


  • wow…

    do i need to get the girls a dora something or other for christmas to make it up to them?

  • Nah. This is all clearly tongue in cheek since my girls are way over Dora, a bit passé. Now they’re unfortunately on to Hannah Montana …

  • unfortunately indeed. she’s quite the ‘anti-role-model’, the next lindsey lohan.