A word about May biblioblog rankings …

There won’t be any, or at least not on time.  I just didn’t want you to panic the day the rankings are supposed to be posted.  I’m going on vacation starting on May 29th and returning on June 6th.

I’m not sure how some of you will survive the time without me.  I suppose you could read someone else’s blog, someone who might blog more than I do anyway.  But, I’m not your psychiatrist.  You’ll have to work through the time without me on your own.


  • I expect we’ll manage somehow 😉 Have a good holiday, I hope the weather over there is better than over here this winter!

    • Thanks, Tim. It’s actually hotter than imaginable here right now and where we’ll be on holiday. Hopefully, we can have a little bit of cool in the mornings and evenings though.

      Gary, I’ll check everything out for next month’s rankings.

  • Enjoy! I hope that I’ll be in the next set of biblioblogs.

  • Shame we can’t export cool and rain in the winter, though I can’t really complain I think the NZ climate (having experienced a few others) is great, especially in Auckland :) just not this week :(

    • Definitely a shame. We would take some of your cool and rain. I’m just hoping we get a bit of a reprieve after last summer. I counted and last summer I believe we had about 17 days in a row that were over 100 degrees (F) and about 28 days out of one month that were that high.

    Listen fellow, don’t forget that I live only 50 miles from you and am in Tangipahoa Parish regularly. I can find you. Get those rankings up SOON!
    Seriously, I do hope you have a great time on vacation. I just returned from Tennessee, and was refreshed by being away.