What happens when I don't blog for three weeks? …

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Well, not really … nothing really changed at all.  Jim is still angryJoel is still a dufus.  And, all is right with the world … unless you’re Jim, then everyone’s depraved and there’s very little right with the world.

Anyway, I’m hoping to pick my blogging back up a bit and I’m working on another blog project now that I’ll announce shortly.  #1 BiblioBlogger slot here I come … if you’re into that sort of thing.


  • dude im not angry. and it’s totally depraved of you to say so!

  • i still pray for you, daily, next to Jim.

  • You mean you’re next to Jim when you pray for me? That’s kind of creepy.

  • Hey, by the way, add my blog to the list… http://jwatts.us

    I refuse to otherwise answer your question.

    • Pfft … I’m not the one who said something creepy. You really don’t know much about negotiation, do you?

  • Look, a number 2 has to say close to number 1, in case he falls down or gets near the top of a long set of stairs. Or a cliff.

  • what the heck jeremy, you’re dressed like the bloody unabomber…

    anyway- i’ve sat silently by while you’ve butchered the word doofus too many times today. it’s doofus. not dufus.

  • hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha



  • Ok, Jim. Calm down. Actually webster’s has my spelling as a variant but genuine one. But they’re just dictionary writers so they probably don’t know.

  • But, does Webster blog? No. His opinion is irrelevant

  • I think you two need to spend some time in prayer next to each other.

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