BiblioBlog Rankings June 2010

Well, I took last month off.  I know it was very hard to get on without me, but I’m back to it this month.  You may have noticed how much I have dropped in the rankings.  Because I know that’s why all of you check … “Where is Jeremy at in the rankings this month?”  Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be fine 😉 … Joel on the other hand will never be alright … For the third month in a row he is in the #2 spot behind …. imagine drums rolling …

*** Jim West ***

Check out where everyone else is too …

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  • ‘kickin behind since 1999’… or whatever.

    • Word up, jim. I’m not even sure if the kids say that kind of thing any more. They might say something like your blogging skills are beast.

  • Hey, I made the list! Thanks for adding me. I probably can’t catch Joel or Jim, but my blog mate Jason Skipper is in my sites!

    Thanks for the rankings, too.

    • No prob Bob. Just have to drop the defeatist attitude. One day one of us will trample both Jim and Joel.

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  • what????? can it be possible that i’m not up on the current lingo of the kids? NEIN!!!!!

    • Jim, i’m sure it’s more about the kids trying to keep up with you. You are indeed a trend setter within pop culture.

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  • Despite my attempt to foster rancor between biblioblogs and theoblogs (see the link in the previous comment), Jim West and Brian LePort both suggested that I drop a note asking to be included in the list. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, there’s no rancor allowed on this list. That’s really why Jim “left” a while back. I think he was actually on probation. I’ll have a look and probably have you on next month’s … That is if you rank high enough.

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  • […] … #50 in the Biblioblog Top 50. […]

  • No rancor? Then I’m surprised Jim didn’t get a lifetime ban.

    Thanks. My plan is to threaten my students with failing grades unless they check the blog regularly. That should help my ranking.

  • Jeremy, thank you for doing this, again. I makes me feel so special to see my name above yours again. For what? Like every time we are on the list together… How long will this go on? Oh, I say forever, because I am Joel. Just saying…

    • You’re welcome, Joel, but I think you mean *it* makes me feel so special … 😉

  • How do we rank 6th when we have basically not blogged for two months? (we started again 4 days ago)

    • Madeleine,
      I think Alexa averages out their data to avoid spikes. So if you were high for a long time then have a sudden drop you don’t fall rapidly statistically.

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  • more importantly, why are you asking questions for which there are no possible answers?

  • Please add my blog to the list: to the list.


  • Alexa calculates their rank based on unique visitors (and I don’t mean by that weirdos that visit your blog) and unique page views. Just in case anyone was wondering. Just because you get a zillion page views a day won’t rank you that high if those zillion page views are coming from the same 50 people every day.

  • thats right jeremy… talking your mom into visiting your blog all day every day wont help you!

    and marc, getting your students to visit wont help either. it’s all about being widely popular… and who’s widely popular????


    oh and happy 4th to all you striving to be better folk…

    • Flip! I’m sure you’re seeing all these comments, mom. Jim West said you can’t help. So I guess you can get back to living your life now.

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  • […] … #50 in the Biblioblog Top 50. […]

  • Watch it Jimmy boy. MandM is on the move from downunder. It has been August for 7 hours in New Zealand so enjoy that top spot while it lasts as Jeremy will be awake soon and running the August stats and MandM will be nipping JandJandJ’s heels.

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