• wounded, deeply.

  • He has a proofwreater (I herd they sleep together [meaning she’s his wife–shouldn’t start a misunderstanding that serious]) butt she does’nt have time to go over all the mispellings and grammer errers.

    It grieves me to say I had to stop reading because of too much politics but he’s very thoughtful and cares deeply about important things. His daughter is a most talented reader of Psalm 23.

    I didn’t take the test because I dunno who most of those righters are anyway.

  • wounded, deeply.

    I hear violins.

  • […] pray for Jeremy, as he is picking on me again. I don’t know why everyone is always picking on […]

  • yeah, hate that politics are a part of life, but instead of advocating for one position, I generally attempt to advocate for common sense, which generally pits me against most of the talking heads on the Right, such as Beck, Limbaugh and others.

    And hey, it has gotten much better. I mean, some on!!!!

    I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this…