My opening presentation for old testament as literature

Here’s a link to my opening presentation for the Old Testament as Literature course I’m teaching this semester.  It was entitled “The Old Testament All Around you.”  It was supposed to be a fun presentation, just to get across the point that studying the Old Testament in an academic setting at the very least makes us better critics or consumers of modern culture.  It’s made using a presentation program called Prezi, which has both an online and desktop option.  If you want to try it out, creating your presentations online is FREE for anyone who is a teacher.  You just have to provide them with an email address that looks like it’s from an educational institution and click a link in a confirmation email.

The frames were just jumping off points for me to talk about these particular topics.

Btw, I’d recommend scrolling over the word “More” and clicking full screen view.  You move through the presentation by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard and back by using the left arrow (or by clicking the arrows they have on screen if you are not in full screen view).  You zoom in on items (i.e. the videos, pictures, etc.) by clicking them with your mouse.


  • Isn’t Prezie great! I have not had much opportunity to embed YouTube, so was impressed by how well that worked :)

    • I love it. It makes me loathe PowerPoint and Keynote. Embedding the YouTube vids is what really sold me. It takes all of a couple of seconds. The only problem I had was the resolution when I showed on a larger screen. At any rate, it certainly opens a lot of doors.

      By the way, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with our joint venture. I’ve been prepping for two courses, changed positions in my church parish, and some things have come to a head on my thesis. But I am hoping to get back to it soon. The deadline I’m trying to hit for my thesis at least is in October. So, that would be a load off if I can finish on time.

  • Yes, Barbara’s thesis is now finally finished, and she graduates soon, the end of an era 😉 though it has mainly been the new home that has kept me from posting the last few weeks.

    • Tim,
      I can’t for the life if me see what Barbara’s thesis would have to do with you ;-). Kidding, of course. If I do indeed graduate, they should confer an honorary degree on Erica for putting up with me throughout the whole ordeal.

  • thanks for turning me on to prezie, I had no idea what that was before reading your post. It’s also a good starting presentation there.

    • Justin,
      Thanks. I’m going to try to post a few more throughout the semester. It’s actually a fun program to kind if toy around with.

  • Well theses in our family are swings and roundabouts, she had to roughly type mine from a “good” manuscript, so that the “real” typist could read it! I only had to reformat and such before printing, so she got the harder work, though we were younger then 😉