Is Jim West a wicked hypocritical liar?

I think we all know the answer to that question.  As further proof, in a move resembling that of a totally depraved waffling politician, Jim West has now started to offer readers the ability to “TWEET” his blog posts.

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But, wait a second … I thought that Jim believed Twitter was the scourge of the earth ( I think Jim’s actual words are “theological abyss”).  But, Jim if people can “TWEET” your posts aren’t you encouraging the use of Twitter? He will allow for the use of Twitter I suppose when it suits him (not that anyone would tweet any of his poor excuse for blogging anyway though) ….

I know that not many of you are surprised by the depths to which Jim has sunk.  But, still the question remains as to whether or not Jim has a soul.  And if so, how dark, cold and vacuous that soul must be …


  • i dont twit. twit is just one of the many ‘social network’ options which wordpress carries in a ‘sharing’ package.

    you doof.

    • Such duplicity Jim. Sure act like it’s no big deal. “I didn’t put it there, WordPress did.” Just like in the garden … Just like in the garden … 😉