October Biblioblog Rankings

Someone will inevitably call for an end to the BiblioBlog Top 50 this month … again ;-).  But, as long as you all keep showing up to check out this mind crack, I’ll keep posting it.  Also, something beneficial is that there are two new blogs this month – Reading Isaiah (29) and Walking in the Way with Christ (24).  So, maybe this did serve some purpose after all if some of you check out those blogs for the first time.  Without further ado … the winner is once again …

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Rank Blogger Blog Name Alexa Rank
1 Jim West Zwinglius Redivivus 63753
2 Joel L. Watts Unsettled Christianity
3 James McGrath Exploring Our Matrix 125922
4 Matthew and Madeleine MandM 137855
5 John Loftus Debunking Christianity 149192
6 J. R. Daniel Kirk Storied Theology 185969
7 Glenn Peoples Say Hello to my Little Friend 202614
8 Scott Bailey Scotteriology 212042
9 Dan Wallace Contra Mundane 231387
10 Todd Bolen Bible Places 239032
11 Neil Godfrey Vridar 256195
12 Jeremy Thompson Free Old Testament Audio Website Blog 294803
13 Airton José da Silva Observatório Bíblico 296962
14 Marc Cortez Scientia et Sapientia 299336
15 Jonathan Robinson Xenos 300343
16 Jeff Oien Scripture Zealot 367433
17 Matt Dabbs Kingdom Living 368584
18 Brian LePort Near Emmaus: Christ and Text 382933
19 Ferrell Jenkins Ferrell’s Travel Blog 384857
20 Bob Hayton Fundamentally Reformed 410802
21 Mark Stevens Scripture, Ministry, and the People of God 420079
22 Phillip Long Reading Acts 431256
23 Craig Simul Iustus et Peccator 457913
24 Chris Terry Walking in the Way of Christ 482031
25 ? You Can’t Mean That! 503362
26 Gavin Rumney Otagosh 503927
27 Dave Black Dave Black Online 510780
28 T.C. Robinson New Leaven 532020
29 Bacho Bordjadze Reading Isaiah 533766
30 Rod Decker NT Resources Blog 554741
31 Justin Allison Old Testament and Ecology 555950
32 Ari Ari’s Blog of Awesomeness 558461
33 Mark Goodacre NT Blog 569990
34 Michael S. Heiser Naked Bible, The, PaleoBabble, UFO Religions, Every Thought Captive 597096
35 Nick Norelli Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth 598702
36 Andy Naselli Thoughts on Exegetical, Biblical, Historical, Systematic, and Practical Theology 604091
37 Stephen Smuts Biblical Paths 700812
38 Roland Boer Stalin’s Moustache 712787
39 Robert Cargill Official Blog of Robert R. Cargill, The 713852
40 Rick Mansfield This Lamp 751970
41 Chris Tilling Chrisendom 762520
42 Thomas Verenna Musings of Thomas Verenna, The 770124
43 Henry Neufeld Participatory Bible Study Blog 788075
44 Bob Hayton, Jason Skipper et al KJV Only Debate 802295
45 Rodney A. Thomas Political Jesus 809877
46 Brandon Wason Sitz im Leben 810730
47 Bob MacDonald Matthew 830364
48 Ken Pulliam Why I De-Converted from Evangelical Christianity 832272
49 Michael F. Bird, Joel Willitts ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΟΝ / Evangelion 840736
50 Michael Barber, Brant Pitre & John Bergsma Sacred Page, The 845570


  • Lovely. Thank you. I take back the latest bad thing that I said about you. But not everything else before that or what I am thinking now.

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  • Thanks for the notice.

  • Top five!? I’ll take it.

  • i cant wait to hear the lame excuses as to why the angry atheists are plummeting. as always, a fine resource for the followers of such things (and who isnt- even is they wont admit it). good work jer.

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  • Jim needs to share his secret to blogging with Joel…so that theres a level ground.Its not fair for Joel to always come in second and play brides maid as Jim does yet another lap of honour for the umpteenth time 😉

    • you know michael i’m not sure that would work. i think jim’s secret to blogging is being jim.

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  • thanks Jeremy, although if you had waited an extra couple of days, i’m sure I could have taken Marc.

  • What kind of person would call for an end to the Top 50? 😉

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  • Why is my simple comment not being put through? The Freethought Nation blog should be in the top 10.

  • […] done to Jeremy for another Top 50! I mean who would ever oppose such a thing. I just hope Scott Bailey gets out of the right side of […]

  • Um, Vince, because you aren’t a biblioblog in any shape, form, or fashion

    • Indeed Joel. Looks a lot like stuff you might expect to find on the (a)History Channel … Free thought indeed …

  • why do they want to join when they have no interest in biblical studies? wierdos.

    i don’t complain that the mythicists don’t feature me on their top 50. perhaps I should.

  • sorry Jeremy could you delete or fix that last one i seem to have got my details wrong and given you my email instead of my name oops. sorry.

    • fixed it jonathan.

  • Now that I have Jonathan’s email, I’m going to sign him up for the History Channel’s newsletter.

  • Jeremy, and you even fixed my misspelling of your name! You really do provide excellent service here. Thank you so much. Would you mind reprimanding Joel for making such degrading threats against me please? I don’t feel safe anymore. :-(

    • jonathan,
      sorry, but that would require talking to joel, which is something i try to avoid as much as possible for fear of contracting his dumbness ;-).

  • Cruel Joel. Very cruel.

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