Jim's real theme song & the biblioblog rankings for November

Well, I want to start off by saying how awesome it was to meet many of you in person at SBL Atlanta about a week ago.  But, sadly no one put two and two together and bought the guy who does the rankings a round at Gibney’s.  I’m looking at you Scott Bailey … notice who’s just above you in the list?

And, then there was Barber and McGrath … Unfortunately their papers were the only ones I heard at the Biblioblogging session.  But, not even a shout out?  I’d say that’s good enough for maybe 3rd place (but only because I ate dinner with you on Monday, James) and 42nd place … Imagine where you could be if you would have just gave some props …

Well, this is not all exactly true.  Joel did in fact try to pay my way for the whole conference in order to be #1, but I mean there’s only so much I can do …

No, I’m only kidding … I’m not saying I can be bribed … but I’m just saying it might be something that we all want to think about for next year 😉 ;-).

Or, maybe you all just lost because God made you lose

Okay, without further ado … Twimmy Twest won again.

*streamers … confetti … etc.*

But now more importantly, I’m dubbing Twestie with a new theme song:

Rank Blogger Blog Name Alexa Rank
1 Jim West Zwinglius Redivivus 63918
2 Joel L. Watts Unsettled Christianity 112762
3 James McGrath Exploring Our Matrix 140416
4 Matthew and Madeleine MandM 149520
5 John Loftus Debunking Christianity 176228
6 J. R. Daniel Kirk Storied Theology 195275
7 Todd Bolen Bible Places 222487
8 Neil Godfrey Vridar 230108
9 Glenn Peoples Say Hello to my Little Friend 244246
10 Jeremy Thompson Free Old Testament Audio Website Blog 247561
11 Scott Bailey Scotteriology 254643
12 Dan Wallace Contra Mundane 293767
13 Jonathan Robinson Xenos 331840
14 Thomas Verenna Musings of Thomas Verenna, The 337137
15 Jeff Oien Scripture Zealot 341967
16 Airton José da Silva Observatório Bíblico 346493
17 Mark Stevens Scripture, Ministry, and the People of God 372159
18 Craig Simul Iustus et Peccator 378800
19 Marc Cortez Scientia et Sapientia 384201
20 Matt Dabbs Kingdom Living 391416
21 Ferrell Jenkins Ferrell’s Travel Blog 405264
22 Brian LePort Near Emmaus: Christ and Text 412289
23 Dave Black Dave Black Online 433359
24 Phillip Long Reading Acts 441701
25 Nick Norelli Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth 444635
26 Bob Hayton Fundamentally Reformed 449800
27 T.C. Robinson New Leaven 459072
28 Chris Terry Walking in the Way of Christ 474344
29 Robert Cargill Official Blog of Robert R. Cargill, The 482933
30 Stephen Smuts Biblical Paths 484094
31 Rodney A. Thomas Political Jesus 494483
32 Mark Goodacre NT Blog 511264
33 Gavin Rumney Otagosh 514808
34 Rick Mansfield This Lamp 567703
35 Henry Neufeld Participatory Bible Study Blog 579879
36 Ken Pulliam Why I De-Converted from Evangelical Christianity 608665
37 Tim Bulkeley Sansblogue 619383
38 Tony Burke Apocryphicity 619819
39 Michael S. Heiser Naked Bible, The, PaleoBabble, UFO Religions, Every Thought Captive 647407
40 John Hobbins Ancient Hebrew Poetry 655782
41 Rod Decker NT Resources Blog 668871
42 Michael Barber, Brant Pitre & John Bergsma Sacred Page, The 688799
43 Brandon Wason Sitz im Leben 700203
44 Roland Boer Stalin’s Moustache 708789
45 Tommy Wasserman, et al Evangelical Textual Criticism 797333
46 Bacho Bordjadze Reading Isaiah 802076
47 Bob Hayton, Jason Skipper et al KJV Only Debate 804295
48 Ari Ari’s Blog of Awesomeness 811235
49 David Ker, et al Better Bibles Blog 837623
50 Bob MacDonald Matthew 846285


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  • Excellent work as ever Jeremy. 😀

  • Hey Jeremy,

    Could you add Chad Presley to the other author for our blog, Political Jesus. He deserves recognition too.

  • Maybe you can give us a hint as to what level of “persuasion” is satisfactory. Tell you what–I’ll give you my daughter’s cat if I’m NOT #1 next month. Persuasive enough?

    • Sorry Steve. I hate cats. In my mind they should be classed among the rodents.

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  • dont worry steve, there’s no risk of that AT ALL even in some bizarre parallel universe where evil is good.

    nice job jer- though of course i dont even know what that song is about.

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  • Jeremy,

    I sent you a pitcher of beer!! But before it got to you, I found out later, Watts intercepted and chugged it all…

    True story.

    • Scott,
      That explains a lot actually. I think he must do that everytime he blogs.

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