Why I read the NAB

It’s taken me a while to put up this link.  But, I recently wrote a guest post at the invite of Chad and Rodney about why I read the New American Bible.  I’ll sum up the main points, but I hope you’ll head over and check it out.  First, I do not love the NAB.  I love studying Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible.  But, I find the NAB adequate and use it for reasons of canon, community, and liturgy.  If you’re interested in seeing what I mean by that, head on over and check out the post.


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  • Thanks for the interesting post on the NAB. I am involved in high school ministry and parish Bible study and am always going back and forth on what translation to committ to. Your comments have given me something things to think about. Also are you aware that the NAB Old Testament and Psalms has been revised and is suppose to be published sometime next year?

  • well you convinced me. i’ll be buying one. should look good on a baptist pastor’s bookshelf next to my knox translation of the vulgate!

  • Timothy: I think the NAB serves well in that context just because it may sound a little bit more familiar, being what the students will hear in mass. I think that kind of repetition is good for memory. And, no I wasn’t aware of the new NAB OT and Psalms. That is exciting news. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  • Jonathan: The NAB actually gets good press from Fee and Stuart, so that can be your excuse ;-). Just don’t tell anyone a Catholic convinced you to get one.

  • Jeremy: If you are interested in reading a bit more about the NAB update (NABRE), a representative from the USCCB answered some reader’s questions about it back in February on my blog:

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