Disseration News …

Well, the hard copies of my dissertation have been submitted to the examination office at Stellenbosch.  Yesterday, I sent several DVDs that will accompany the dissertation that should arrive within the next week or so.  Hopefully, my defense will be scheduled for some time early next year.

So, I guess that means I’m either a couple of months away from being Dr. Thompson or a sad, utterly bitter, young man …

I’ll keep you posted.


  • Huzzah! Felicitations!

  • congrats kid. and by the way, it’s ok to be learned AND bitter.

    • Janelle: I’m sure idk what those words mean, but thanks.

      Jim: you wouldn’t know anything about that though, would you?

  • ;-p

  • Congratulations :) handing in theses is a big event!