• oh. ha. ha.

  • 700 watts…. priceless!

  • That is better than “Joelsong”.

  • Jeremy, I knew Joel took your beer at SBL I was sending your way, but I didn’t realize he was blazing the lefties?

    Actually, I was just messing with Joel, as A) I will take any opportunity to demonstrate what an ass-hat Robertson is, and B)it’s not often I will be able to write “Joel Watts Wants to Legalize Weed.”

    I am publicly apologizing to Mr. Joel Marley if I have overly offended him in any manner.

    • Ok, Scott, I guess you’re out of time out since you apologized. But, as for Jim, I may have to dock him a million points in next months rankings.

  • If only I had the hair to be Joel Marley….

  • “700 Watt’s Club” Classic!!