Blogging from my netbook

so with a bit of money i got for christmas, i bought a used netbook really cheap off of craigslist.  i got it for a couple of reasons, primarily for travel and when we need a second computer around the house.  i also got it to experiment a little bit with linux.  i’ve been wanting to do that for a while. i saw that tim had recently moved to linux and that got me thinking about that a bit more recently.

what i’m finding so far is that i can do just about everything that i need to do on a day to day basis using linux.  i can use open office or google docs to write.  i can use prezi to do my presentations.  i can use to do a bit of my day in day out biblical studies stuff for church and personal reading.  i can obviously blog (which i am actually deciding to do from time to time again ;-)).

however, the one thing i can’t do is my intensive biblical studies work requiring searches, especially using one of the corpus linguistics programs i’m currently using for some research. and, that is because i must use programs that are pretty well tied to either osx or windows (which i run in parallels).  so for that, i’ll continue to use my macbook.

but overall i’m really happy with the netbook and linux for a second computer to do some basic work tasks. i think it will be especially helpful on days when i’m out and about adjuncting, when i know i won’t be doing any of my serious writing.  the smaller keyboard is taking a bit of getting use to though. i’m avoiding caps for because i haven’t really gotten accustomed to where the shift keys are just yet.

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  • My Windows XP netbook is essentially my main computer now. It runs everything fine and is convenient. Although I do have one with a pretty big screen for a netbook, otherwise I may not survive.

    • i’m pretty addicted so far.