i think i've figured out the formula for the "new" biblioblog top 50 …

put a list of biblioblogs in excel and hit random sort.  or, perhaps someone else can think of a way to make sense of that list ;-).

i’m only kidding, of course.  i’d be the first one to tell you i don’t take the rankings seriously … at all.  for me, it’s all a bit of good fun.  and, i really don’t care if there are 50 different ranking systems for the biblioblog top 50.  i think the judge of the ranking systems would be the bibliobloggers and which rankings they visit and which ones they link to.

and, as long as people visit mine, i’ll continue to do them … while taking jabs at joel.  so, i’ll have the official, official biblioblog rankings up for you later tonight or early tomorrow … whenever i feel like it really.


  • How you libel the great Jouissance-meter! The Biblioblog Top 50 is the original, the utterly objective, and the finest ranking of biblioblogs in the world. And what’s more, every month we boast a classical yet subtly erotic portrait of the No. 1 biblioblogger! Now that’s value for money.

    • seems like a bit of a paradox here … couldn’t libeling the jouissance-meter raise my standing on the jouissance-meter?

  • i visit both and then i link to both and then i agree with the one that ranks me higher (because its obviously the true one).

    the ones i dont visit are the ones where people ‘vote’. thats just stupid. nor do i visit the whiny ones. those people are just big fat babies.

  • Jeremy are you able to explain to me why each month I (my old blog) ranks higher than Near Emmaus yet NE receives three times the amount of traffic on a daily basis?

    (This is a serious question).

    • could be a couple different things. one possibility is whether visitors have the alexa toolbar installed. so certain vistors’ visits count for more with alexa. or, it could be some other factor… all that to say there are reasons.

      i’m no expert, but i think the original decision for alexa was made because it works for both wordpress and blogger, whereas other statistics didn’t work for both.

  • See I’m trying to provide a supplement to the Alexa rankings just to stir things up a bit, but some people just want to get in the way of progress 😉

    • daniel,
      all that stuff about not taking the rankings seriously … i didn’t mean it. i hate you ;-). just kidding … or am i? …

  • Well, it’s clearly a joke, so don’t feel too left out.