An embedded Prezi

When I teach and when I’ve posted here, I’ve gotten a couple of questions about Prezi.  So, I’m embedding one of my “Prezis” here on the blog.  It is highly integrated with social media.  You can share them through FB and Twitter.  You can embed them easily on a site, just link to them, or send the links out by email.  You can check one out below as embedded on a site (once it loads just click the arrow to move through the frames, click on the videos to watch them. This was my first one, so it might not be quite so smooth):



  • DO you use a wireless mouse to run your presentation. How does this work in presentation mode? Integration with iPad?

    I think I might have to get this and start trying it out rather than questioning you!

    • I don’t think they’ve integrated with iPad or iPhone yet. I’ve never tried a wireless mouse with it. I don’t usually move through frames very quickly, but rather use them as jumping off points. So, I just used the directional arrows on my laptop keyboard, which wasn’t a big deal for me.

  • Prezi is great. I haven’t found a use for it yet, as I don’t always have internet access when I’m presenting. Excellent work!

    • You may have tried this already. You. Can download the prezis and show them from your desktop. But, your videos obviously wouldn’t load with no internet connection.