journal articles or books? (qotd)

here’s a question of the day for you:

if you were stranded on a deserted island, and your goals were strictly academic (i.e. not reading for pleasure – perhaps you are going to send out a scholarly article in a bottle), and you could only read either a) academic journal articles or b) academic books, which would you choose? why?

it’s definitely important that we think through these kinds of scenarios.



  • I would choose academic books because they offer more
    information than journals. Journals tend to be all over the place.
    Although, I would have to have several books on the subject as to
    be objective. Jeanie

    • I would maybe lean more toward journal articles because they are sometimes a bit shorter and more to the point. But, at the same time, they may not give enough space to develop an argument as fully as possible.

  • I would go with books. Journal articles are shorter but what else am I going to be doing on a deserted island aside from getting sand out of my shorts? Plus, like Jean said, they offer more depth than journal articles.

    Ideally, my deserted island would have 3G service (that actually worked) and all I had was some device (iPad? No cell phone, though) that provided access to online journals. BOOM…best of both worlds!

  • That is a no brainer: Journal
    They offer enough fresh work to give me something to think about.