I'm a Mac, MyTouch, and Type Scenes (VFTTB)

This is second post in my series on videos for teaching the Bible.  In my survey courses, I usually do a class session on how Biblical narrative works.  In that session I discuss type scenes.  Videos that I usually use are parodies.  I explain that parodies function by exploiting a type scene.

An easy example of videos that could be used here would be the “I’m a Mac” commercials and the new MyTouch commercials  (Perhaps this example is most fresh in my mind because of my AT&T woes – yep, I’m still under contract for a while, so don’t ask me if I’ve heard about Verizon getting the iPhone).  The “I’m a Mac” commercials set up a type scene that the new MyTouch commercials exploit:

After showing the videos, I then move into a discussion of type scenes in the Hebrew Bible.  I usually use the prophetic call type scene and discuss Moses, Isaiah, and Jeremiah alongside Jonah, which shows what happens when the type scene is broken.


  • I am under contract with A T &T and have not had a problem with them since I do not have an iPhone, nor do I want one.

    I would switch to T-mobile if Carly the T-Mobile girl ever stopped by for a visit.

  • Nice illustration. Very creative.

    I’m under contract with AT&T as well but I long for liberation. Sadly, that will be Sept. 2012.