NT Wrong's Peeps and the New(ish) Home of the Blog Rankings

Well, whaddya know? Me and Daniel are NT Wrong’s peeps (Joel I wrote it like that on purpose, so don’t correct my English).

And, as you may have heard, the BiblioBlog rankings (by Alexa rank) are going back where they rightfully belong, the original BiblioBlog Top 50 website.

There’s very little that I will really say about that.  I originally took over the rankings here because I thought that site was closing up shop and because I thought it would be fun.  Now, the site is back up and running again.  So, I’m moving the rankings back over there where they will be posted alongside Daniel’s rankings by vote.

I’ve had fun doing the rankings here (which in the eyes of some may make me a bit of a villain).  I’ll continue to have fun doing them there under the all-seeing, watchful eye of Bishop Wrong, of course.

Outtie 5000


  • Bless you for your work here, Brother Jeremy.

    • Officially blessed by NT Wrong. Now, that’s something!