Interesting text critical issues in Wisdom Literature?

In my Wisdom Literature class, we are talking about the transmission of the text of the Wisdom books.  We’ll work through some examples of text critical issues in class.  I have some examples already in mind, but I wanted to ask here: are there any interesting text critical issues that you have come across in the Wisdom Literature?

Perhaps your examples would be more interesting than mine.  And, if you suggest the same ones as me without me giving them to you, then I’ll know I picked some good examples.


  • Crikey, anren’t we a textually challenged bunch! I have been hoping for replies here because I have to teach Wisdom (for only the second time in my life) in the second semester and I was hoping for come help from our colleagues :(

    • Perhaps we’ve also overestimated the number of people that read my blog ;-). There are a number interesting global issues between LXX job and the MT and LXX proverbs and the MT. But, I’ve had a harder time finding smaller scale issues to use as exercises for students. I’m probably going to look at Ecclesiastes 2:25 and a couple spots in Proverbs 15.