• Here’s a few more NT textual criticism blogs:

    http://pericopedeadultera.blogspot.com/ (on John 7:53-8:11)
    http://nazaroo.blogspot.com/ (ours, with a new series on Codex Sinaiticus & Mark’s Ending)
    http://homoioteleuton.blogspot.com/ (explores homoeotleleuton errors in the NT)
    http://nttextualcriticism.blogspot.com/ (mr.scrivener’s TC blog from TC-Alternate-list/Yahoo groups)
    http://kjvonly2.blogspot.com/ (discusses Maj.text with good series on the common Ancestors of Aleph/B)


  • Hi Jeremy,

    I am probably no longer in the top 50 with an Alexa rank not ‘alf what it used to be.’ The good old days of Sept 09 when I was number 23 sadly gone, however I seem to be creeping back up there. I would like to be added to the big biblioblog list, probably in the realm of “Christian Theological, Spiritual, Homiletic, Apologetics”. Mt blog takes a particular focus on Anglicanism, issues impacting the communion. It exegetes for the purpose of exploring problem texts and in prep for sermons and bible studies. I am a woman blogging my way through faith, Bible and priesthood and there are precious few of us so it would be good to include me again. Thanks

    • Hi Rachel, I’ll put you in the list of blogs that I calculate next go round.