John Hobbins just threw out an interesting set of posts

I mean he was throwing them out one after another, and I’m not sure if he’s stopped yet.  They are posts that he’s giving the heading:

An outline of a 90 minute module in a course entitled “The Bible and Current Events.” Follow the links and you pretty much have it.

I’m not sure of the background of the posts, whether they are for something that he is teaching in his church or in a university setting.  But, some of the topics look incredibly interesting and seem like they could work in different contexts.  There is no particular tag or category that it looks like he is putting the posts in.  So, the only way to keep up might be to subscribe to his feed, which wouldn’t be a bad idea anyway.  Or, you might go to his blog and search the phrase “The Bible and Current Events.”

For an example, check out this called An Introduction to the Primary History, replete with video clips (which I like).

If you like some of what he’s done there, you might also want to check out some of my posts on videos for teaching the Bible.

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