Commercial for God – Doctrine of Retribution Abused (VFTTB)

I just finished teaching through the Book of Proverbs in my Wisdom Literature class and thought I’d share this video.  It is exactly what the title of the post says a “commercial for God.”  Basically, these two girls read Proverbs 3:9-10 verbatim.  Just be careful because it might give you a sickening feel in your stomach when you see that God has an 800 number.

I used this video as entry way into discussing the doctrine of retribution and how it is part of Old Testament theology, but was not intended to be taken as a complete picture of how the world works.  So, it can, therefore, be abused.  For instance, I brought texts like Proverbs 30:7-10 into the picture to show that the doctrine of retribution wasn’t even meant to be taken as a complete picture of how the world works within the Book of Proverbs itself.

At any rate, you might find a better video for entering into the doctrine of retribution.  But, this is the one I used: